About Zero Malaria Starts with Me

Building on successful advocacy models

Starting in Senegal, the National Malaria Control Programme, alongside PATH and Speak Up Africa, launched “Zero Malaria Starts with Me” in 2014. The nationwide campaign builds community ownership over malaria efforts and increases awareness of and political commitment for malaria elimination among key stakeholders to ensure it is a national priority. The campaign is based on:

  • Engaging political actors to ensure malaria elimination remains a priority for Senegalese leadership;
  • Diversifying funding sources to increase financial resources for malaria elimination interventions, and establishing innovative public-private partnerships;
  • Creating a community-based movement to increase community awareness and ownership of anti-malaria interventions. Communities were reached through community champions conducting house visits, as well as through social media and an original TV series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My country already has a malaria campaign, how can I use the Zero Malaria Starts with Me toolkit?
Many countries have developed their own campaigns to build support for efforts to fight malaria. This campaign does not seek to replace them, rather the information contained in this toolkit offers ideas and tactics that can help make your efforts have greater impact. Rather than starting from the scratch, browse the modules on Political Engagement, Private sector Engagement, or Community Engagement for some ideas.

Can I use the Zero Malaria Starts with Me name and logo?
Yes, all campaign materials can be used free of charge. If you think a different name and logo would be more appropriate or effective in your country, use them. The Zero Malaria Starts with Me brand and toolkit are full of suggestions for how to approach anti-malaria efforts, but do not replace your local expertise and judgement.

Can I still participate in the campaign?
Resources, both financial and human, are often tight for advocacy campaigns. If you do not have the money or time to develop a fully-fledged campaign, consider the low-cost opportunities that are available to you. You can request that influential people sign the Zero Malaria Starts with Me pledge and share the pledge with media and/or via social media, at events and in discussions with colleagues, friends and family. You can create a simple page on Facebook or, if you have one, your website to create awareness and engage people in your network—from schools to faith groups to sport associations. You can also approach local businesses to provide support. Be creative in your approach. Even a small campaign can produce big rewards for your country’s efforts to eliminate malaria.

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