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Over the last two decades, Africa has seen remarkable progress in fighting malaria. With over 6 million lives saved, malaria programs have proven to be one of best investments in health. But the fight is far from over. A malaria-free Africa is a bold vision, and one that is within our reach—but only if everyone takes commits to fight malaria wherever and however they can.

Whether you are a politician, a member of the private sector, a religious leader, or are simply concerned for the health of your family, friends, and neighbors, please pledge your support today!


Zero Malaria Starts with Me

I pledge to act as a champion for the fight against malaria.

I commit to:

  • Make the fight against malaria a priority to set an example for other actors in my community, in my country, across Africa, and around the world.
  • Support my country’s investments and actions in fighting malaria through the National Malaria Control Program, Ministry of Health, and other organizations.
  • Spread awareness about malaria prevention, care, and activism among my colleagues, constituents, or community.

Latest Toolkit

World Malaria Day 2021: social media toolkit
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