Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative

Business leaders

Private-sector participation in malaria control and elimination can energize national goals by bringing more partners and resources to the table. The private sector has a vested interest in a healthier country, improving conditions for their staff, customers, and national infrastructure. Malaria hurts business directly through its effects on labour (absenteeism, lower productivity, higher health spending) and indirectly through worsening the wider economic context (poorer domestic market, worse potential for investment). 

Led by the Ecobank Group in partnership with the Senegal-based policy and advocacy action tank Speak Up Africa, the Zero Malaria Business Leadership Initiative sets out to drive private sector engagement for the fight against malaria in Africa in support of the Zero Malaria Starts with Me movement endorsed by African Union leaders in 2018. This collaboration will support communities at risk of malaria across the continent by advocating for stronger political will, increased funding, and more targeted malaria elimination responses. 


  • Foster domestic resource mobilization for sustained financing of malaria control and elimination; 
  • Mobilize businesses and business leaders to contribute to the control and elimination of malaria; 
  • Leverage Ecobank’s networks and partners to reinforce or create collaborative platforms. 


  • Establish and/or strengthen private sector coordination platforms for malaria at country and regional levels; 
  • Cultivate a network of malaria champions to support malaria policy alignment and implementation; 
  • Raise the profile of malaria on African health policy and corporate agendas.  

The collaboration seeks to boost engagement from Africa’s private sector in the fight against malaria. It provides the opportunity for businesses to protect their local communities from malaria as well as support national efforts to defeat the disease, thereby stimulating economic growth and productivity.